Cool Japan 4

Sometimes it’s good to look back at things. There are both good times and sad one as well. Past events made the ‘today’s’ us. For some reason I thought of these after I finished my final exam, as if my childhood memories are hitting on the play button by itself. Looking back from now, sometimes I wonder what I’ll be right now had I chosen a different route in some point of life back then. All I know was that I’m very thankful to be able to discover Cool Japan, everything that is cool about Japanese culture, both the traditional and the modern subculture one. It really had an important impact in my life.

Today’s topic for my Cool Japan series will be card games.

I remembered the first time I came across Yu-Gi-Oh when I was about 7. Had a blast, tons of fun. I played the Yu-Gi- Oh card games with lot of people and managed to make many good friends with fellow duelist.



If there is something that I can look forward to back then, I’d say it’s the Yu-Gi-Oh card games. Every Saturday, we’d meet up at school to duel with friends. It was loads of fun. Wasn’t too motivated to study when I was in primary school as I was too playful. So when the major exam came, I wasn’t really prepared. One thing that got me through was a motivation from this card game. I owned a set of Exodia and I promised myself and my cards everyday until the exam day that I’d be able to past this major exam to prove my self worthy of being the owner of Exodia. I’d hold my set of Exodia everyday when I make the promise ^^ Sounds crazy?



To keep myself motivated, I even drew a picture of Exodia in my cabinet so that everytime I open it, it reminds me of an important mission: TO PAST THE EXAM!!! It symbolises strength and power just like in the anime.

Finally I got myself some As even though it’s not a straight As. I couldn’t be any happier as I got a better result than what I expected.

Soon, I tried my hands on Pokemon card games but it didn’t last long as it was too costly for me to keep up with the game.



At some point, I gave the deck to someone but forgot who it was.

I even played this card game called Duel Master. Ever heard of it? It’s quite popular back then however it didn’t really make it. It’s popularity lasted only for a while. Not long had I started playing it, everyone else stops playing it.



Until today, I’m still playing Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s been going strong for more than 10 years. However lately, I started playing Cardfight Vanguard.



As a loyal Yu-Gi-Oh player, it wasn’t easy for me to try a new card game out of a sudden. I’m not however the kind of person who discriminate card games. That is why I decided to try new card games in the past too. So I thought I might as well give it a try and I started by watching the anime. It turned out to be rather awesome. Something about the main character, Sendou Aichi which makes the whole story so great.


It even has a live action movie which I just watched this evening. A nice movie it was! It’s about a kid who got bullied very often and all he can relate to was to his cards. When I watch the show, that kid reminds me of my old self  which is why I wanted to write about this post. He relates to his cards just like how I used to with my deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Exodia! ^^ So it wasn’t crazy after all. Card games do have such effect.

The show was aired on May in Japan and I didn’t have time to watch then ^^ And I won’t say much about it as I don’t want to be a spoiler ^^



Here’s the trailer



The craze for trading card games started late in the 90s and with Yu-Gi-Oh as one of the great pioneer, more and more cool card games are being made like this recent Cardfight Vanguard! Thanks to Japan for creating such cool card games. (^o^)


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  1. Ahahah I know of Duel Master, it was huge and I saw my cousins grinning all the time as they sold cards that were so inflated due to the demand time after time. Ahahah now Vanguard as well for you? XD

    I’m thinking of Weiss Schwarz but am stopping myself to save whatever money I have left…still a Milky Holmes deck would be nice… =3

    • ^^ Glad you know about Duel Masters but it didn’t last long here and not as popular as Yu-Gi-Oh or Vanguard. I’m having the same problem here. Need to save money for preordered figurines but spent some of it on Vanguard. It’s rather interesting ^^ Lol never thought of Weiss Schwarz as there are too many characters from many animes I like. Can’t decide it 🙂 Yeah, Milky Holmes would be nice but I kind of like the Black Rock Shooter and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai one. Love the cards’ illustrations XD

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