Wakahisa Tamiko started off as some simple sketches in a notebook before Figure Culture even started. At first she was nameless but thanks to Danny Choo for providing this name list and after a very long time going through the names and various sketches, Wakahisa Tamiko is born.


The name Wakahisa Tamiko ( 若久多美子) when being split into two, Wakahisa (若久) which means “forever young” and Tamiko (多美子) which means “child of the people” are intended to have a healthy and positive meaning behind the concept of this symbol/name 🙂



Name: Wakahisa Tamiko ( 若久多美子)
Birthday: November 15th
Height: 167cm
3 size: B82cm W57cm H81cm

Favourite music genre: Jazz

Favourite games: Video games

Spoken language: English, Japanese, Mandarin, Singlish, Malay



-She loves comedy.

-Likes to play pranks on people from time to time.

-Has a hobby of collecting figurines, watching animes and taking photos.

-Knows how to play saxophone.

-Caring and are kind to anyone who are friendly enough.

-Due to living in foreign country, Tamiko’s Japanese is not ‘super good’.

-Tamiko love cats and dogs.

-Tamiko does all sorts of things sometimes like blogging, drawing and sell things online.

-Has friends and relatives in Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Japan.

-Often daydreaming about what she wants to do

-An optimist and is always cheerful


Illustrations of Wakahisa Tamiko




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