So what is Figure Culture?

Figure Culture aims to share and make Anime figures more accessible to the people in Malaysia as well as promoting figure-collection as a form of culture, not just merely a hobby. We do this mostly through social media and web as well with the help of our original mascot character, Wakahisa Tamiko.

Even though Figure Culture was initially focused on the Malaysian audience, it is now gaining some popularity in other countries as well, mostly Asian countries and in America as well. So folks from counties other than Malaysia now gets to see news and pictures of Anime figures as well through our official facebook page.


So what do we do?

  • Distribute information of Anime figures through our networks such as facebook, blog, and more.
  • Develop and produce original Anime characters-character design and development
  • Collaboration with Anime media, blogs, websites like Katsu News and more.
  • Sell Anime figures and Japanese trading card games in the local Market.
  • Small scale product and web development


So to sum it all up

Figure Culture is an ‘anime figurine-focused’ local club in Malaysia. Currently, we operate online only within the virtual communities. Collecting figurines is what we do and we always love to share news about it.

We also sell figurines to the locals and of course our customers are all hobbyist and the best part is, they’re all hardcore collectors just like us!

We’re spreading and sharing our love of collecting anime figures. Do feel free to join us in our so called ‘Figurine Empire’ where we continue to ‘poison’ innocent people’s mind and turn them into  figure collectors. Muahahahaha! Ψ(`▽´)Ψ

All your figurines belong to us! Beware, because before you knew it, you’d become just like one of us, the hardcore collectors.

In the meantime, we invite all of you, the handsome and pretty, tall and sexy, old or young, collectors or non-collectors…whatever it is to join us on our journey. Because at Figure Culture, we are all the same. We are families and we share the love for figurines.


Thank You,

Figure Culture.

  1. Thank you for following my blog ^_^

    I’m quite a collector myself of anime figures, and it’s great to see the newer ones that are in production. I’ll be looking out for more certainly through here : )

    • You’re welcome ^^. Glad to meet another like-minded person like you. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope you’ll visit it again ^^ Sorry I could not reply any faster. Got exam ^^ Thanks for reading ya.

      Every reader is like our family ^^

      Wee Boon @ figure culture

  2. Hi there, figure culture!
    I have already added your banner to nendonesia.com 😀
    Here is Nendonesia’s banner: http://nendonesia.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/banner-nendonesia.png

    Thank you for the link exchange! ^^

  3. me totally following your blog, mate! xD oh, and you interested in link exchange? o3o

  4. Ah, yes, the banner…..(just made it, In fact!) Yeah, I got’em right here, mate! 😀 Oh, and one more thing, can i have your e-mail address? would like to befriend you on fb! ^W^

    link for the banner : http://72otakuoid.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/baner2.jpg

    do tell me if there’s any problems! 😉

  5. Hello, I like all the different settings the figures are put in. I like to think of it as their normal day off set. 🙂 I have helped start a service that ship boxes of Japanese candy and snacks to individuals all over the world for $25 a month and free shipping for everyone! I was wondering if you’d be interested in getting a free box in exchange for an honest review of our service. Let us know if you are interested! Thank you for your time and keep up the good work on your site. 😀 Rachel at Oishifun(dot)com

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