Daily Archives: June 23, 2012

Cool Japan 4

Sometimes it’s good to look back at things. There are both good times and sad one as well. Past events made the ‘today’s’ us. For some reason I thought of these after I finished my final exam, as if my childhood memories are hitting on the play button by itself. Looking back from now, sometimes I wonder what I’ll be right now had I chosen a different route in some point of life back then. All I know was that I’m very thankful to be able to discover Cool Japan, everything that is cool about Japanese culture, both the traditional and the modern subculture one. It really had an important impact in my life.

Today’s topic for my Cool Japan series will be card games.

I remembered the first time I came across Yu-Gi-Oh when I was about 7. Had a blast, tons of fun. I played the Yu-Gi- Oh card games with lot of people and managed to make many good friends with fellow duelist.


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