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Tokyo Olympics 2020

A Dream Come True

Most of you might have already heard the news! Yup, that’s right, Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games. It’s a big joy for the Japanese as well as people who love Japan all around the world. Tokyo will once again host the event for the first time since 1964. Not many of you know, Japan were also awarded the event in 1940 but the Games were cancelled due to World War II. Japan also lost their bid to host 2016 Olympic to Brazil. The latest announcement came at 5:20 a.m. Tokyo time. A large crowd watching from an outdoor giant video screen burst into cheers. I Now, that’s a dream come true!!!

I was reading the news in the Morning and was absolutely thrilled! (^o^)


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Cool Japan 4

Sometimes it’s good to look back at things. There are both good times and sad one as well. Past events made the ‘today’s’ us. For some reason I thought of these after I finished my final exam, as if my childhood memories are hitting on the play button by itself. Looking back from now, sometimes I wonder what I’ll be right now had I chosen a different route in some point of life back then. All I know was that I’m very thankful to be able to discover Cool Japan, everything that is cool about Japanese culture, both the traditional and the modern subculture one. It really had an important impact in my life.

Today’s topic for my Cool Japan series will be card games.

I remembered the first time I came across Yu-Gi-Oh when I was about 7. Had a blast, tons of fun. I played the Yu-Gi- Oh card games with lot of people and managed to make many good friends with fellow duelist.


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Cool Japan 3

Many times people asked me why I love Japan. Up till now I still get the same questions by people I met online, friends and by other bloggers. That’s why I decided to write this post 🙂 Of course I’m happy to share with you the reason why I love it and think it’s cool^^

credit: Seb in Japan

Well it all started as mentioned in Cool Japan 1. But I’m not too sure if there’s a definite answer to this question. There are a lot of reason to it. When I think about it, maybe it’s because of the cuteness or ‘KAWAII’ factor! Japan seemed to have given me this impression and I don’t see these in my hometown ^^  Probably that makes Japan an attractive country.

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Cool Japan 2

Continuing from where I stopped earlier in Cool Japan 1, I was talking about how Japan is considered cool and how it gave many of us great childhood. So today’s topic will be Pokemon.

I’m sure Pokemon gave many of us great childhood. What started of as a gameboy game in the late 90s became a global hit.

Do you guys collect the Tomy Pokemon figurines? I used to collect them as a kid and still have a big box of it with me today.

It sure brings back a lot of memories ^^ I used to bring these figurines to school. Sometimes I would exchange it with friends. One time when I was playing a Tentacool and Gold Duck figurine with my friend under the desk during class, the teacher came and took them away.

These days I don’t really collect their figurines or play the video games anymore. However when I looked back at the journey of the Anime and figurines craze, I can proudly say Pokemon played a big role in it 🙂 I’m pretty sure the same goes to you guys, right?

Throughout the 1st season of Pokemon Anime, I saw lot of touching scenes. Not sure to call them touching or sad because some may think otherwise. It really has a great emotional impact. One of it was when Ash was trapped in a cold place alone with his Pokemons. Haven’t seen the show for ages but somehow still remembers it.

Another sad scene that I remembered is this episode called “Bye Bye Butterfree”. It was sad to see Ash letting it go.

When the trading cards came out, it was another big hit. So popular that any kid in my primary school at that time owned at least a deck or two. You’d be left out if you don’t play Pokemon trading cards. Some hardcore collectors in school will pay a very high price enough for you to buy 3 new sets of deck just to get a single rare card. Every time after exams are over when we’re allowed to bring games to school, classrooms became Pokemon battle fields 🙂

Of course there were also lot of Gameboy battle going on in classes using the cable which is very outdated today. Kids today won’t see those stuff anymore and they probably don’t know those kindof joy and fun.

Back in primary school days, almost everyone knows all the names of the 150 Pokemons by heart but when it comes to studying, we always have a hard time memorising the 7 colours of rainbow or 6 names of the continents (^-^)

Such is the magic of Pokemon during childhood. Just want to say thank you to Japan for being a nation that created Pokemon. Great childhood memories 🙂

Cool Japan 1

Japan has always beeen cool for me, I’m sure the same goes to all of you. Speaking of Japan, what kind of images came to your mind?.  For me I can easily imagine a cool futuristic scene with robots and cities glowing in colourful neon lights with peoples in all sorts of fashionable clothing. Popular world-known characters like Ultraman, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, etc. are all originated from Japan. The coolness of Japan had always thrilled the world. That’s why I called it Cool Japan. And the phrase ‘Cool Japan’ is not new and has been around since Japan became a hit when it introduces many of it’s cool stuff.

Have been in love with Japanese cultures since a very young age. Love it for a lot of reasons. Still remember how I first fell in love with it 🙂 I saw this awesome travelling channel showing scenes from Tokyo! A lot of giant billboards with pictures of gundam figures. LED screen showing GODZILLA. Shops selling ULTRAMAN figurines. It sure was any child’s heaven!



Loving Japanese culture had lead me to many good things 🙂 In primary school, I met a friend who’s also into these things. We love everything about Japan but we are crazy about the games and animes more. We became friends up till now because of our similar interest.

One of our favourite games that got us connected was no other than the awesome Final Fantasy VII.



Looking back at it now, the graphic isn’t very nice compared to video games these days but it sure was an awesome game.    Graphic isn’t the most important thing. Imagination plays a more important role 🙂


Back to what I was saying earlier, the figurines were awesome too. Especially the details. Any kid who sees it wouldn’t resist that temptation. They were carefully painted and has one of the finest qualities among any other toys. Something any kid would give up their candies for.



Back then, there were no much access to animes. No Animax channel means nothing much to watch. Even if there were, mostly they are sold in the form of VHS tapes. Quite expensive to buy.



So have to watch animes mostly on weekends only on TV. Watched Dragon Ball most of the time and it was fun! Didn’t really completed the whole series. Missed a few episodes here and there. Many years later I watched it again when it’s rerun on TV again. I even bought the whole complete DVD set later on.



Will be posting more next time. Right now got to stop sitting in front of the PC. See you soon 🙂