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What is Exchanging Links / Link Exchange?


Link exchange is a common thing among fellow bloggers, the exchange would strengthen friendship, add our blog back links, increase traffic and PageRank (google ranks sites based standard), it also can be said link exchange is an activity of symbiotic mutualism an activity that is a win-win among fellow bloggers, for automatically increasing popularity of our blog.

Bloggers that are exchanging links will get various advantages, among them; that the link exchanged sites can be well indexed by search engines. So sites that exchanged links will have greater possibility to be read by search engines like google. Also link exchange can also increase the level or rank on the site.   What are the benefits of Exchanging Links / Link Exchange? Benefits of exchange links include:


-Getting a lot linkpartner on your blog;

-Blog rankings in the SERP increases;

-Getting a lot of anchor text from other blogs;

-Increase visitors to your blog;

-Increase PageRank of your blog;

-Getting backlinks from many blogs;


Well with that said, immediately exchange links with fellow bloggers. In exchanging links with this blog, there are no special requirements, either low or high pageranked blogs, new or old blogs, because for me, the benefits of link exchanging is more of a mutual interest in getting more views to our blogs and meeting up with new bloggers that will someday becomes a great friendship


All anime-related blogs are welcome. Other blogs can also join as long as it has something to do with Japan! Thank you 🙂


Write the following in the comment


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Website (required)

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Website Description (blog name, taglines, description, etc.)(required)


And here are the banners, featuring Tamiko:


Small -sized banner

figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 3
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 2
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 1
figure culture wakahisa tamiko vertical banner 2
figure culture wakahisa tamiko vertical banner 1
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 9
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 8
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 7
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 6
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 5
figure culture wakahisa tamiko small banner 4
Big-sized banner
figure culture wakahisa tamiko big banner 1
Thanks for your support!!! 🙂
  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for stopping by my site and sorry for late reply. I would be glad to link exchange with you. Just give me roughly a day to add you ^^

  2. Hello, I’d be happy to exchange link with you but since your blog is mainly figure-centric, I’ll add you to ‘other blogs-news/VN/figures’ category. Please me me know 🙂

  3. Alright, sorry again for the late response, your banner should be up in an hour or two at my place, might as well drop my namecard here o wo)b

    Name: His Personal Joy
    no banners are needed ^ _^)b

  4. Hey, sorry for not giving a reply here.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll, the info for my site is:

    Anime Aura –

  5. You posted on my site, sorry for the late reply. Would love to exchange links. Btw, I’m a huge figure collector. You can check my collection out over at tsuki board (

  6. Hullo there 🙂 I’m interested in exchanging links. Still don’t know how to put up a banner even on my own blog lol. Still learning how wordpress works haha. I only know how to use the blog roll. I’ll add you up . 😀

    Name: dsayonara

    • It’s ok. I’m actually quite new to wordpress too^^ You don’t have to set my banner on your site^^ And it’s an honor for you to add me 🙂 I’ll add you in a few minutes. Thanks pal 🙂

  7. Hi, I would like to exchange link with your site. Are you still interested?
    Our site, New Manga will be providing anime fanatics a fresh manga to start their day.
    Thank you..:)

  8. Hello, Figure Culture! I would love to have a link exchange with you and have already added you to my blogroll using your banner. However, when I initially tried to resize your given banner into the dimension I use on my blog, it didn’t go very well so I had to do a little cropping and editing of your banner myself to make sure it doesn’t look disproportionate–I hope you wouldn’t mind! Otherwise, you can always send me the resized banner of yours of dimension 174 x 60 for me to use.

    If you’d be so kind to add me to your partners’ column as well, I’ll be really glad!
    Blog: [ ]
    Banner: [ ]
    ReiCloset | where figures are alive even when you’re not looking


    • Thanks pal! Of course I would like to have a link exchange with you! (^o^) Sorry for the trouble that you went through just to edit my banner. I really appreciate your time for that! And yes, I’ve checked out your blog and it’s a really nice one ^^ And I am more than glad to meet another figurine enthusiast like you! Thanks for writing to me. I’ll add you to my partner list!

      • Don’t worry, it’s no problem at all! Thank you for the link exchange and for your compliment! I look forward to more from Figure Culture and hopefully might even have another chance to speak with you again!

  9. Hi Figure Culture. Omg I’m a huge fan of figurines. I love your website because it really helps me in choosing. Can we exchange links? I’d be so happy!

    WWHCurrent / WWHカレント Anime & Manga Blog

    Email: [ ]

    Website: [ ]

    Banner: [ ]


    • Thanks for writing to me (^o^) It’s great to hear from another figurine enthusiast like you! Sure, it’d be an honor for me to do a link exchange with you.

      Here’s my banner :

      Thank you. By the way, what figurines do you collect 🙂 ?

      • Oh, well, I collect those of which are from my favourite animes, a majority of them from Max Factory and Good Smile Co. Hmm.. here is a list!

        – Kanade Tachibana (Tenshi) from Angel Beats! (1/8 Good Smile)
        – Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (1/10 Good Smile)
        – Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate [Just Got it] (1/8 Good Smile)
        – Index Librorum Prohibitorum from To Aru Majutsu no Index (1/8 Good Smile)
        – Yui Hirasawa from K-On! (1/8 Alter)
        – Mio Akiyama from K-On! [Most Expensive One I Got] (1/8 Max Factory)
        – Yui Hirasawa & Tsumugi 2011 Christmas Edition Nendoroi

        😀 Placed proudly on my shelf.

      • Cool. I’m a big fan of figma and also collect scale figurines from Good Smile Company, Alter, FREEing and Max Factory.

  10. Hey there! am new to this blogging~
    so am gonna blog mainly abt Japanese Culture, Figures, Anime, and ACG Events 😄
    nice to meet cha!

  11. hi there! still remember me, the blogger of infonochikara? btw, i’ve added your blog in my blog partners list. your blog’s really nice tho.

    hope you’ll add mine:
    Banner link:

  12. Hi there!
    I’m a fellow figure enthusiast (well, mostly a nendoroid enthusiast ^^) and I’ve added you to my blogroll. I am follower of your blog and it’s great resource to have for anime figures!

    If you want to link to me my blog url is:

    NY Otaku | Nendoroids are love

    my email is:

    and here’s my banner:


  13. Hy! I really like your blog and I was wondering if you are interested in exchanging links:)
    E-mail :
    Blog Name : Life of a future mangaka
    Link :
    I’m looking forward to hear your opinion^-^

  14. Name: PenguinO
    Email: penguino [AT]
    Website Name: GRAND FORCE
    Short Description: GRAND FORCE Project Community

    Please use one of these banner because 168×40 is not available yet

    I’ve put your banner online already at

  15. Hi
    I love your neat and cute website
    My website is about Japanese Anime and Culture
    Hope you can email me regarding blog or banner exchange?

  16. Quality posts is the main to be a focus for the people to pay a quick visit the site, that’s what this
    web site is providing.

  17. I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information.
    This article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to take a note of your website and keep checking for new details about once per week.
    I subscribed to your Feed as well.

  18. Hello there! I’ve added your blog on mg blogroll. (┌・。・)┌
    If you feel like adding mine as well, you can use the banners that i have on my about page.

  19. Hi I’m Carnov! – I like Figure Culture and would like to request a link exchange. My info is below. Please visit and you will see your banner in the “Friends of Megamay” section.

    *Cool mascot!! I like how her age is “Forever Young” 😛

    Name: Carnov
    Email vulture medmailch
    Banner link
    Website Description MEGAMAY – The Latest in Fanservice!

    • hey Carnov, thanks for writing me a message. You’ve got a cool website there with lots of “interesting” content 🙂 Sure’ I’ll add you too. Thanks a bunch (^o^)

  20. Hello, I’d like to exchange links with your site. I have already posted your banner in my site.
    Thanks 🙂

    Banner link:
    Website Description: Raftel – A One Piece Figure and Goods collector site.

  21. Your Banner Is Ready In My Blog
    Name:Akogare Anime

  22. Hello, I’d like to exchange links with your site. I have already posted your banner in my site ^^

    Name : Floreance

    Website :
    Website Description : Figure maniac, photographer, modeller, and love Japanese culture
    Banner link :

  23. My blog is not about figure but can I exchange link with you?

    Name : Yahari Bento

    Email :

    Website :

    Banner link : I don’t have my own banner (sorry).

    Website Description : YAHARI BENTO – Dig deep in LN, anime, manga analysis in bento form.

    I will paste your banner in this page. Your banner are very cute.

    • I create my banner already, so please use this banner for my blog. :3

    • Hi there, thanks for writing us a message. We’ve see your site and it’s quite interesting and cool with all those bento concept. (^o^) Well as long as it has stuff to do with anime, it’s good to go. It’s not necessary to be figures only (^o^) and we shall add you in a short while. P.S. sorry for the late reply as well and thank you ^^

      • ah… I’m relieve you replied back. I think you didn’t receive my request already. I don’t mind about late reply. :3

        thanks for accepting my request.

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