A Note to My Dear Readers :)

I wouldn’t want to make this long so I’ll go straight to the point.^^

Having a hobby such as figure collecting or watching Animes are really fun. I assume all of you agree and that’s why you are here 🙂

But we couldn’t do it everyday because we have other things to do.

Actually, my final exam for Cambridge A-level is just around the corner. I just hate exams ^^ So that means I’ll have lesser time to write within this 2 months, probably until the end of June. I’ll still write if I have free time.

I need to continue to do my preparations for the exam. Once I get rid of this obstacle, I’ll continue to write in full gear 🙂

In the meantime, I want to thank all my readers and partners for all your support. Have a nice day everyday!

Now I need to continue with my studies^^



Keep on rocking.

Figure Culture 🙂

About figure culture

The mascot of Figure Culture, sharing with you anime figure-related stuff! More contents available here https://www.facebook.com/figureculture/ (^o^)

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  1. Hey, it happens. We all have lives to move in.

    Goodluck on your exams and don’t worry, the harder you work at your early years the easier it is for you when you get older.

  2. Goodluck to your exams!! 😀

  3. Agree to what Yama-san said there^ =3

  4. I guess I’ll see you sometime, focus now, and you’ll have so much time later.
    Good luck mate, may you do your best 😀

  5. Good luck with your exams and come back quick!

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