Types of figure collectors

What kind of figure collector are you? (^o^)



The photographer


This type of collectors spend a lot of quality time taking photos of their figurines. Their figures are mostly the subject of most of their photos. They may or may not have good photography skills but snapping photos of figurines is something they love a lot. They have no problem sharing their figure photography with others and that is probably something people love about them.


The animator

They are able to make really good stop-motion animation using their figurines which can be pretty interesting to watch. What seemed like normal figurines or toys to others instantly become the greatest actors in the hands of the animators. They give life to these figurines.


The worshipper


The majority of collectors in this category collect mostly only figures of a particular type of character that they like the most. There can be so many variations of the same character that the whole place looks like a shrine solely created for that character. They are seen as the ‘super loyal’ fan.


The perfectionist


This type of collectors never open the boxes of the figures they bought. They don’t buy figurines to play but solely for collection purposes. The figures are kept in really good condition and they always look just the same as when it was bought for the very first time.


The treasure hunter


This group of collectors only intent to buy and own rare or premium and limited edition figurines. Almost everything in their collection is very expensive and they take pride in owning figurines that are not too mainstream.


The cheapskate


They are group of people who always want to buy figurines at the cheapest price and often ended up being victim of bootleg items. They don’t really understand the pricing behind the figurines and would always try to wait for the ‘right time’ and would also end up missing on the opportunity to own a figurine that they could’ve own and by the time they seek to buy it later, the price might have already increased beyond their expectations.


The kidult



These are often people who loved toys and figurines a lot when they were kids but didn’t have the opportunity or means to own them and so when they become adults, they seek to pursue their ‘lost’ childhood dreams and buy themselves lots of figurines and toys. It’s very common for this group of collectors to collect only figurines or characters from old TV series of their favourite cartoons or anime.


The ecchi master


These group of people likes ecchi stuff and they seemed to love ecchi figurines a lot. A big part of their figure collection consist of sexy characters. When you see their collection of figurines, don’t be surprised to see yourself starring right into all the oppai and what not. Their collection is awesome and beautiful in its own way.


The news reporter


These group of collectors are the manufacturer’s ‘best friends’ because they always give free reviews and buzz on all the figurines they bought. They take pictures, videos, blog about it and share the posts about the figurines all over the Internet, generating tons of free publicity and advertisement for the figure makers. Their passion and love for their figurines are very strong.


The kawaii magnet


Collectors in this group love all things cute and moe. Other than that, they don’t particularly have any other preferences when it comes to buying anime figures. As long as the characters are cute and moe, they’re good to go. Their collection is a pleasant to watch and you might get yourself some cuteness overload when you see them.


The mecha geek


They simply love robots a lot and have an extensive knowledge about the built and models of the robot characters. To some, robots might look all the same as pieces of metals but in the eyes of these mecha geek, they can tell all the little differences there is to it. They typically collect figurines from series such as the Gundam, Gaugaigar, Macross, and more.


The sentai fan


These collectors grow up watching the sentai super heroes series such as the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider and have a profound love for them. While many might say these series are meant for kids only, to them, age is just a number because they are still a kid in the heart.


The ikemen lover


This is typically referring to the fangirls who love all those beautiful, handsome male characters usually seen in anime that makes them go into all lovey-dovey mode. Recently, figure makers have been making more male character figures than ever because fangirls are said to be spending more than their male counterparts.






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