Figure Culture Store

We are excited to announce that Figure Culture has its own store now and it’s called the Figure Culture Store.


Many things are going around which probably explains the lack of update on this blog recently. Our official Figure Culture facebook page are more active though. And recently we’ve just started out on instagram as well. Feel free to look around ^^

The Figure Culture Store is currently serving the Malaysian market only which means folks from elsewhere have to get your anime figures from other places.

For non-Malaysian folks, here are some trusted stores as suggested by our comrades (^o^)

USA Stores

Kirin Hobby

Hobby fan

Right Stuf Anime


Germany Stores



France Stores

iXu Deviance



Indonesia Stores

Zoop Toys Shop

Lapak Figure Miina


Philippines Stores

Comic Alley



At first we were just collectors. As we continue to buy more and more anime figures, we realised that our workspace looks more and more like a real store instead. There are times and we were frustrated because some local anime figure stores were not doing their job seriously. They never reply our emails and some didn’t even offer the line of anime figures that we wanted. Even if they do, it feels like they’re trying to slash our wallets with samurai swords.

And this is a short story of how Figure Culture Store came about. Instead of waiting for those stores to get what we wanted, we decided that it would be better for us to get it on our own as it is much cheaper and due to the fact that we collect a lot of anime figures. Besides being able to collect these anime figures on our own, we would also be able to serve a small group of local collectors.


So let’s take a quick look at our base, the place that serves the local small group of collectors with a wide range of anime figures. (^o^) See anything familiar here?

For privacy purposes, we’re not giving away the location because if we do, then a ninja will appear behind you and…swosh, slash! You don’t want that ^^ And if we show too many pictures, we might accidentally flash some ecchi stuff (>_<)


The look outside of the office window…oh and Anzu-chan is blocking the camera, yawning… (>_<) She just wanted some attention


Ok now that shes’s away, here’s the view (^-^)


Taking a look at one of the workspace, here’s a bunch of cards for networking purposes. It’s almost finish and will have to print new one soon and the new designs are on the way, will show it some other time ^^


One of our staff, Zeos-sensei, doing some illustration work here. ^^


A little gaming corner for staff to unwind (^o^) It’s important to play


Some staff at work. Photo was taken on a not so high-end camera (>_<)


When not working, it’s play time again. Do you know what game is this? ^^


Ok, seriously, back to work, into the storage area. Serving a smaller group means we’re not as financially strong as bigger stores but it has its advantages as well. For instance, we are able to pay closer attention to each and every need of those who make purchase with Figure Culture Store.


It’s like having a five-star restaurant against a small food stall. Well both still serve food ^^


Watching anime in between work. Can you guess what anime is it? (^o^)


And here’s a one of a kind Danboard from Kotobukiya ^^


This is the current look and we’ll be working on new stuff soon ^^


And this is Tamiko, our lovely mascot (^o^)


Ok, that’s about it for now. See ya (^o^) Oh…Anzu-chan is already waiting at the lobby ^^


About figure culture

The mascot of Figure Culture, sharing with you anime figure-related stuff! More contents available here (^o^)

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