MEGAMAY x Figure Culture


Am pleased to announce that Megamay is now a friend of Figure Culture.  🙂


The founder of Megamay website uses the same username for his web presence. The founder works full time for a fashion retailer in Canada and started Megamay as a spot to get the latest news for the western and/or english audience on everything fan service related as well as sharing the latest purchases, post helpful guides for Otaku peeps and more. Megamay also collect figures, dakimakuras, oppai mouse pads and other character goods.


Feel free to send Megamay a message anytime at twitter @OFFICIALMEGAMAY

megamay x figure culture

lots of fanservice for you at


oh…and a free high-resolution wallpaper for you, here




About figure culture

The mascot of Figure Culture, sharing with you anime figure-related stuff! More contents available here (^o^)

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  1. Does anyone happen to know what happened to Megamay? I can’t find him anywhere and it seems like his presence has been deleted from the internet. O_o

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