High School DxD – Rias Gremory 1/8 PVC figure by FREEing

FREEing is going to release the Rias Gremory ( リアス・グレモリー ) 1/8 PVC figure from the light novel/manga/anime “High School DxD” ( ハイスクールD×D ). Will be released in April 2013. Around 130mm tall, 8,381 yen.

Yes, this is a  castoffable figure, you can remove her skirt and the top. Indeed FREEing is making a lot of castoffable figure lately. Notice that? 🙂















Official High School DxD homepage



Official High School DxD anime homepage



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  1. She looks tempting… that is unless either alter or orchid seed does her too >_> i’ll wait until january or febuary until i preorder her >_>

    • Yes. Quality wise, Alter does it better and Orcid Seed is one of the best castoffable figure maker (^o^) FREEing is not quite close to their standard yet ^_^

      • i’ll hold of preordering her until there are news from either company T____T

        But i did get 閃乱カグラ’s Hibari and Ikaruga from Phat! though. There are releases also from Figuarts Zero but they’re too small for my tastes T wT)a

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