Growing Up With Anime

It’s been some time since I write something personal. And just a few days ago I came through some old anime, probably the ones I watched during childhood and would like to share with you.


Before that, just a question. How many of you grow up watching animes? 🙂



Well the image you see was the anime called Bubu Chacha (ぶぶチャチャ Bubu Chacha. It was created by the writer of Mobile Suit Gundam, Akira Okeya.


I love this anime as a kid. I remember watching it on Disney channel on weekend mornings! Did I mention to you yhat Disney channel in the 90s was awesome? 🙂 It has lots of cool anime and cartoons unlike now. Well, that’s another story.


So how many of you watched Bubu Chacha?



Sadly, I didn’t manage to completely watch all the episodes >_< I really like that anime 🙂


As a kid, you don’t actually know what is anime because an animation is just an animation. We called all of them ‘cartoons’ But as you grow up, looking back at your childhood, you’ll realised just how awesome those animations were. And that’s when it hits you, “Oh, so what I was watching back then was animes”


With that being said, how many of you feel like that? 🙂


Of course, I assume that all of you must have watched Pokemon at least once when you were kids 🙂



Pokemon opening song was really inspiring 🙂 “I wanna be the very best!!!”


How many of you watch the Japanese version instead?



Both the Japanese and English version are awesome!


Words just can’t describe those simple and innocent days of our lives.


And here’s another question. Do you still remember the first ever anime that you watched? I think mine was Dragon Ball.




How many of you watched it? Do you still remember the song? 🙂



What ever you do, don’t lost your inner child. Growing older doesn’t mean you have to grow up! Creative people are great examples 🙂


Do leave a comment and share your answers to the qustions or you can join Figure Culture’s facebook page 🙂


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  1. Oh my..fond memories here! I watched Digimon, Akazukin Cha Cha, G Gundam as well…and you’re’s all cartoon when you’re a kid and it’s only when you grow up that you realize how awesome it is. =3

  2. The first anime must have seen would have been sailor moon. I can remember watching a little before it’s time on American television finished. I also remember watching Hamataro a lot, anyone remember that?

    • Yup, I’m a guy and I know Sailor Moon too ’cause my sis used to watch a lot of it. It was airing on my local TV in the same year too 🙂 And do you mean Hamtaro? The hamsters? If yes, then I know that too 🙂 I used to play Hamtaro video games, probably for the game boy advance ^^

  3. Uhm… Cutie Honey? Gatchaman? anyone T___T

    I feel old T___T

  4. I remember watching the good old Pokemon episodes (English version). I still watch the new ones, but it somewhat doesn’t have the same spark.

    One of my first introductions into anime was Pokemon. But Sailor Moon was got me into the character design. And that was mainly due to my dad bringing home a ‘Sailor Venus’ doll for me when I was five and I was fascinated by it since. A few years later, that’s when I realised what it was and what anime was as well. Then eventually came Card Captor Sakura and a whole load of others!

    It’s a shame that tv channels don’t bring any good animes anymore. Or bring back the old stuff. Miss them terribly T^T Now it seems to be silly cartoons that have no meaning!

    I agree with you on always keeping the ‘inner child’ within you. My older sister and I used to be both into anime, but now it’s just me. It’s always nice to have that part of you remembering those days, it just makes you think that is what made you become you : )

    • Wow, you put it in such a beautiful way (ヘ。ヘ) Yes, sometimes, the reason we love the past is because it gave us the kind of ‘special’ feeling where everything was so ‘fresh’ back then. There are lots of things yet to be discovered by us ^^ That’s what makes it fun, now that we were able to understand more things, everything seemed ‘normal’ thus it doesn’t have the same spark.

      Yeah, I do love Card Captor Sakura too! I really love the opening song (>y<)

      Yes, I really do agree with you. ‘It’s always nice to have that part of you remembering those days, it just makes you think that is what made you become you’
      You couldn’t have said it better.

      Well you know what they said, “You don’t grow old because you grow up, you grow old when you stop playing” 🙂

  5. Ahhh childhood anime. yes yes.

    Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Saber Marionette, and Ranma just to name a good few. If had not been exposed early to these things, I would not be the same blogger and person I am now.

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