Shining Blade – Sakuya -Mode: Crimson- 1/6 PVC figure by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is going to release the Sakuya ( サクヤ ) -Mode: Crimson- ( -Mode:クリムゾン- ) 1/6 PVC figure from the “Shining” game series “Shining Blade” ( シャイニング・ブレイド ) published by SEGA. Will be released in February 2013. Around 330mm tall, around 12,600 yen.


I think this one is illustrated by Tony sensei. I just love his illustrations 🙂 Say 1/6 for 12,600 yen? Is it considered pricey? Well Kotobukiya doesn’t seem like one of those high-price figurine maker to me. If it’s Good Smile Company, then I’ll accept it. Lately, Kotobukiya has been making expensive figurines. Anyway, this figurine is awesome 🙂








Official Shining Blade homepage


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