The Figma Story

Earlier, I had a chance to work with my friend, who is an animator to complete his assignment. He told me that he needed to make storyboard using figma figurines but didn’t know how. So he came to me for help and this is what we got. My pal took the photos with his DSLR while I did the lighting and sceneries. We discussed the plot for a few hours before we start as there is a frame limit for the storyboard. Initially the title for this project is called “Love Is Stupid’ But for the purpose of sharing with you guys, I didn’t want to go with a harsh title like that 🙂


My name is Araragi Koyomi. I’m a high school student. Everyday I take the train to school. Passing by this same green scenery everyday. Yes it’s beautiful but something else is even more beautiful.

Yes, it is her. She is the girl I love. Her name is Senjougahara Hitagi. She takes the same train as I. We study in the same high school.

Even though every morning we board the same train and get off the same place, we never talk to each other. I just don’t have the courage to start the conversation. So everyday I’d see her getting off from behind only. I sometimes wonder if she even know my existence or not.

And before I knew it, I reach the school. This girl? She is my childhood friend. Her name is Izumi Shizuno. She often makes fun at me and she loves to tease me too but I don’t mind.

Izumi: What’s wrong Koyomi-kun. You look troubled.

So eventually I told her about Senjougahara.

Izumi: Yosh! Leave it to me.

During recess, Izumi meet Senjougahara and tell her everything about me. Damn, Izumi can never keep her mouth shut!

I am about to get a heart attack!

But then…to my surprise…

Senjougahara: Oh, how nice. OK I’ll meet Araragi-kun.

Am I dreaming??? I pinch myself. Ouch! I’m not.

So during recess. Izumi and I go up the school top. That is when I meet Senjougahara for the first time, face-to-face!

Izumi: Senjougahara! This is Koyomi.

My heart starts to pump like crazy!

Araragi: Hi Sen…senjougahara-san. Ni-nice to m-m-meet yo-you!

Damn, why am I stammering with my words! My tongue get stuck for some reason.

Senjougahara: Oh, hi! So you are Araragi-kun. I think I saw you in the train before. Nice to meet you too.

I almost cry. So she did noticed me in the train.

Both Senjougahara and I continue to chat. I am so happy but for some reason I just couldn’t help myself but to feel that Izumi is isolating herself.

Izumi: Well, I’ll see you guys later. Have fun!

That is strange. I am right. She is acting strangely. For a moment she seemed so happy and now she just keeps quiet all of a sudden. Anyway I don’t have time to think much. I gather my inner courage and make a leap!

“Today’s the day I become a man! Yosh” My inner self is speaking.

Araragi: Senjougahara, I really love you. Will you be mine? (what the heck did I just say??? @_@)

Senjougahara: I’m really happy! I love you too!

At this point, I almost explode. I never feel so happy before. It’s simply too good to be true!

On my way home with Izumi as usual…

Araragi: Say, Izumi, thanks to you, I was able to confess my love to her.

Izumi: Isn’t that great? But I’ll feel a little bit lonely from now on.

Araragi: Huh? What do you mea…

And all of a sudden……


Araragi: Izumi???!!! What are you doin…

Izumi: Shhh. I love you for the longest time. I really do love you.

That night, I go home, feeling confused.

What the heck just happened today? First I confessed to Senjougahara and then Izumi confessed to me? I just don’t know anything any more!!!

Next day, I go to school as usual, still confused. Izumi is a little more cheerful than usual though.

Izumi: Koyomi-kun, come here with me.

Araragi: Ah…

At the rooftop, another surprise hits me. Izumi push me against the fence and kiss me like never before!

Araragi: Hey, what are yo…

Izumi: I love you so much Koyomi-kun. Ah, it feels so good.

Then Senjougahara appears. She was stunned. I was stunned too. What the heck is happening right here???

Christmas is just around the corner. I haven’t see Senjougahara since then. She must be sad, confused and at lost right now.

On Christmas eve, Izumi invites me to her place. After dinner, we danced the evening away. I just cannot stop thinking about Senjougahara. I know what I need to do!

I dashed out of Izumi’s apartment. Spent two hours looking for her. Finally, found her, walking alone on the street.

Out of nowhere, Izumi appears!!!

Izumi: Die Senjougahara!!!

Araragi: Senjougahara-san, watch out!!!

I turn around without thinking and something sharp pierce into my back!

Senjougahara: Kyaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Araragi-kun!!!

Everything go blur. Izumi leave instantly without a trail. Senjougahara is crying her eyes out.

Araragi: I-I’m gl-glad y-y-yo…(cough, cough) are safe. I love you…

Senjougahara: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s it. We spent about 8 hours for this, including all the retakes and adjustments. My friend got an A+ for this project. Yes I know it’s tragic ’cause it’s a bad end 🙂 Please give the figure culture facebook a like! Thank you so much 🙂


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  1. I love the story! Its simple but elegant in a way, I mean in the first frames you expect that it might be something funny or humurous, but in the middle it became an instant love triangle and in the end it becomes really tragic! If I were the one to give a score, I would give a PERFECT score for this project! great job! 😀

  2. Ahahah what a twist in the end! And I’m curious about those it a printed piece of paper or your monitor wallpaper? =3

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