Angel Beats! – Tenshi 1/8 PVC figure by ASCII Media Works

ASCII Media Works (manufactured by Good Smile Company) is going to release Tenshi ( 天使 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the anime “Angel Beats!” ( エンジェルビーツ ), a joined project of Key, Aniplex, Dengeki G’s Magazine, and P.A. works. Will be released in March 2013. Around 200mm tall (included wings), 8,400 yen (taxed in). Dengekiya exclusive.


What!!!??? A castoffable Kanade??? And it’s by Good Smile Company??? I’m quite surprised beacause Good Smile Company don’t usually do castoffable figure, especially those that comes with the ‘naked’ feature. Maybe it’s for fan service? Yet, I like this idea (^o^)


As seen from the magazine:









NSFW!!! 🙂


How many of you like castoffable figurines? ^^ Tell me in the comment and do keep tab of figure culture’s facebook page for more updates 🙂 Thank you.


Official Angel Beats! homepage




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  1. Where is my pre-order money when I need it T^T

  2. OwO….. Now that’s a figure that i’d trade my life for! xD btw, Y U Cencored???? T-T

  3. She is just beautiful…
    Because there aren’t a lot of accessories, it’s very simple and seems to have a nice presence in our collection.
    A must have for me. ( I didn’t like so much the show but I finish the anime just to see the end with Kanade. )
    And besides… She blushed !

    About castoffable, I’m not really comfortable with. ^^’
    It’s a pleasure to see how the details are really accurate, it might be nice for a few minutes, but anyway, I’ll leave them with their clothes on, so…
    And if some friends come in my room and see we can pull off their clothes, I don’t know how they could react. xD

    • LOL! I see. Well, for me, castoffable is a rather cool bonus but to have it on an innocent character like Kanade is a little off the track. ^^ Because Angel Beats is not even an ecchi anime. Feels a little bad about seeing Kanade topless 🙂 And if your friends found out that you can pull off her cloth, they’d probably ‘eat’ her (^o^)

  4. I can understand why Kanade was given this topless feature, since the visual novel is going to arrive anyway.

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