Tales of Xillia – Jude Mathis 1/8 PVC figure by ALTER

Alter is going release the Jude Mathis ( ジュード・マティス ) 1/8 PVC figure from 13th title in the Tales series “Tales of Xillia” ( テイルズ オブ エクシリア ). Will be released in January 2013. Around 170mm tall, 7,800 yen


So finally we get to see a male PVC figurine. How many of you actually own a male PVC figurine? My collection consist mostly of cute anime girls 🙂 The costume looks kind of cool though.











How many of you play this game?


Official Tales of Xillia homepage




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  1. This is great : ) I’m looking forward to when the game itself is released next year over here in the UK. Unfortunately I never got the chance to buy the Tales of the Abyss figures, so hopefully if this gets released here I can try and purchase one >w<

    As for what you asked, I have never actually noticed that. But it is very true how there hardly are any male PVC figures. I should start collecting some : 3

    • Oh I see. ^^ So what are some of the famous shops in UK selling otaku goods?

      • One would be a shop called Tokyo Toys (www.tokyotoys.com), based in central London. I go there whenever I’m in the area and they are quite well known around the UK amongst anime/manga fans. This shop sold the Tales of the Abyss figures but when I did plan to eventually buy them they were sold out!

        Unfortunately they are really the only store I know so far over here that sells a wide range of anime figures. If I find out more I’ll pass on the knowledge! ^^

      • Thanks for sharing the info. Tried visiting the website but for some reason it just shows error message.

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