Before Collecting Anime Figurines

So, what were you playing with, or what did you collect before you started collecting cute anime figurines? Still remember those days? No? Yes? If so, what are some of those important things that shaped your childhood? Tell me in the comment below. 🙂

I used to play and collect these Lets and Go Tamiya cars.

One of my all time favourite in my collection, the Burning Sun.

The fun thing about this is that you get to assemble them by yourself and you’ll have fun in the process.

Used to have a lot of them. Bought them once a week. 🙂

Remember this? Any of you play this? One of my favourite games back then.

The blue one ^^ Had another green one. Don’t know where it went.

What about Tamagotchi? I still have this one with me. It’s a Version 3. I used to play them but they always die. Everytime I come home from school, they are goners.

This Digimon device always beep during midnight and have to placed it at the bottom of clothes in cupboard.

The 1st generation of Beyblades. Everyone was playing this in school. My friend would bring the ‘stadium’ to class everytime.

The teachers couldn’t stand these and have to confiscate all of them. The reason being was because a 7 years old boy was injured in the eye when someone launched the Beyblade carelessly. (-_-“)

Super Yoyo. We bring these to school on Saturdays to challenge each other.

Was so popular that our school organised a Super Yoyo contest on Children’s Day. Had to pass 10 rounds to qualify. I couldn’t do the last two trick, Loop the Loop and Around the World and so didn’t qualify. Learnt it later on.

The Kaiba cards. How many of you played Yu Gi Oh? Was such a big fan.

Saturdays were actually for Club Activities but we went to school for our very own gaming session. Bought loads of Yu Gi Oh cards back then. Remember counting every single card one day and I had more than 6000 of them. Some were fake cards though.

Had been collecting these small Pokemon figurines and school was also a trading place for these figurines.

Also collect some Digimon figurines.

…Dragon Ball figurines

…Ultraman action figures

And some Power Rangers Mighty Morphin figurines ^^


Would like to know what you have or collect back then. 🙂


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  1. Reading through your list and actually relating with it makes me feel so manly though I am a girl. =)) Great post! It brings back a lot of memories for sure 😀

  2. I remember having a Tamagochi when I was a kid && when I saw my cousin got a digivice, I got so jealous. lol. and I also remember having a Duskmon figure and a couple of Zoids back then…

  3. Man….Tamiya racing cars and DIGIMON! Gosh those are pretty awesome..not to mention Pokemon Red and Blue XD! I used to mess up those Gunpla HG kits when I was a kid as well..first ever HG Kit was a 1/144 Shining. =3

  4. Whoa…..You, mate, Have an Awesome Childhood!!!! xD Almost all of my childhood toys are here, this sure brings back memories….. =3 From all of the things above, the Digi-device was my favorite! xD (remembered holding’em like idiots and pretend to have a real Digimon! xD Just one thing that’s missing though, the building blocks, Simply put, Legos!!!! xD Anyway, Nice review, mate! Really made me very nostalgic…. and awesome collection you have there, It’s impressive how you still keep’em in Good condition after all these years…. 😀

    • Yeah, thanks. Now that you mentioned pretending to have a real Digimon, that was what I did too. ^^ After all, imagination was the best graphic card for us in the past when we play pixelated video games. Of course, Lego was fun too ^^ Didn’t include it here as it was not anime-related. 🙂

      • Imagination=graphic card lol! xD well, True that Lego is not anime-related, just thought about’em for a while… =3 Heck, Yu-Gi-Oh card’s not one of my childhood toys…..I STILL play with it right now, with my lil’ brother! ^W^

  5. I think i’m gonna ask my Master to make a post like this in response to yours o.o)/

    I bet he has a few stories to tell.

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  7. hey are you willing to let go your hyper dragon?

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