Figurine magazine censored

This may not be something new to those who read Dengenki magazines in Malaysia but I was just curious of how they treat these magazines in your neck of the wood? Do they censor it? How many of you read figurine magazines? Not sure if this is the Hong Kong or Taiwan edition but the thing is, it’s obviously a victim of Malaysian censorship. Those in the Malaysian market are often printed in chinese language.


Personally, it’s not a nice feeling to buy these censored magazine. It feels kind of like a ‘ripped-off’



Having paid the full amount for the price and this is what you get. Fees like someone is ‘vandalising’ your magazine.



These censors are obviously done manually.



How do you feel to have it censored? Do they do this in your neck of the wood?


Photos by G-Unit


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  1. We don’t even get those, but such censoring is ridiculous… might as well import them directly…

  2. cencorship….they annoy me! but still, I’m getting every issue of dengeki hobby! xD I’d say, Tis’ better than nothing! xD

  3. That’s just plainly bad, haven’t bought a figure magazine locally yet. Maybe I’ll try and see

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