Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Lisa Silverman 1/8 PVC figure by FREEing

FREEing is going to release the Lisa Silverman ( リサ・シルバーマン) 1/8 PVC figure from the Persona game series “Persona 2: Innocent Sin” ( ペルソナ2罪 ) developed by Atlus. Will be released in November 2012. Around 195mm tall, 6,800 yen.


Remember what I said about FREEing and it’s sky-high prices? Well, at least this one comes with a rather normal price tag compared to few of it’s previous ones. Many said black isn’t a nice colour for Lisa’s outfit because other figurine manufacturer could have make it better but you know what? I kind of disagree with that. Black outfit kind of actually draws my attention to this figurine. I know it’s not attractive to some or it may even be plain but the dark colour of her outfit contrasting against her fair skin is what I found appealing. Let’s just hope FREEing will continue to release more affordable figurines 🙂














——Description from Manufacturer——

The blond haired, blue eyed beauty who can only speak Japanese.

From the popular game ‘Persona 2: Innocent Sin’ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the American girl who speaks fluent Japanese, Lisa Silverman!

Lisa is posed wearing her Seven Sisters High School uniform, with her lovely blond hair and blue eyes beautifully sculpted. Her uniform has also been faithfully reproduced with her skirt fluttering in the wind as she stands in a confident pose that fans of the game are sure to enjoy!


Official Persona 2: Innocent Sin homepage



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  1. i like how she’s actually close to the artworks o.o)b

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