7th Dragon 2020 – Samurai (Katanako) 1/7 PVC figure by Max Factory

Max Factory is going to release the Samurai (Katanako) ( サムライ(刀子) ) 1/7 PVC figure form the game “7th Dragon 2020″ ( セブンスドラゴン2020 ) published by SEGA. Will be released in October 2012. Around 255mm tall, 9,334 yen.


Will be based on this illustration:


7th Dragon 2020   Samurai (Katanako) 1/7 PVC figure by Max Factory


This figurine looks awesome!!! They did a great job sculpting it based on the illustration as if the 2D picture came to life 🙂

For some reason though, I don’t like the neck. The first thing I noticed was that it’s a little too long if you ask me. Well maybe that’s just the way the artist wanted it to be ^^ Leaving that aside, it really is a nice figurine overall 🙂 One more thing! She kind of looked like an ass-kicking Japanese high school girl with a great body for becoming a model (^o^)  Maybe it’s just me ^^









——Description from Manufacturer——

Wield your sword with pride and hunt down all the dragons!

From Sega’s role-playing game, ’7th Dragon 2020′ comes one a 1/7th scale figure of Katanako as one of the character classes – the Samurai!

The figure is based on an illustration by Shirow Miwa and takes care to faithfully recreate the slim body design, beautiful long hair and protective gear in figure form. She also comes with a replaceable wrist part that allows you to display her holding her beloved katana. You’ll never need to fear dragons again with this valiant figure by your side!



Check out the trailer too if you haven’t play this game before. Pretty cool!!!


Official 7th Dragon 2020 homepage




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