Cool Japan 3

Many times people asked me why I love Japan. Up till now I still get the same questions by people I met online, friends and by other bloggers. That’s why I decided to write this post 🙂 Of course I’m happy to share with you the reason why I love it and think it’s cool^^

credit: Seb in Japan

Well it all started as mentioned in Cool Japan 1. But I’m not too sure if there’s a definite answer to this question. There are a lot of reason to it. When I think about it, maybe it’s because of the cuteness or ‘KAWAII’ factor! Japan seemed to have given me this impression and I don’t see these in my hometown ^^  Probably that makes Japan an attractive country.

For example, Japan is a very visual country, I would say. They have many cute pictures or illustrations around the streets that can be seen on signboards or notices. It certainly make reading signs more interesting^^

The effect is that the whole scene of the street becomes very lively and not just a plain old boring concrete jungle with nothing but traffics and congestion.

These signs are very well illustrated that you don’t even need to see a word or explanation to understand them.

Some example:

So were you able to understand them? The pictures paint a thousand words.

Of course, Japan is also home to many of the world’s most famous characters.

Hello Kitty


To-fu Oyako


These are some of the famous characters in Japan. Do you guys know of any other famous characters of Japan? Look at the designs, they’re pretty simple don’t you think? Yet they’re able to capture the hearts of many people. Such is the magic of Japanese character designs, simple and attractive 🙂

Of course these may not be the best answers for why I love Japan and why I think it’s cool as there are no right or wrong answers. At least you get the picture^^

I will be posting more on these topics and this post is generally to answer the question ‘Why You Love Japan?’

Now, it’s my turn to ask you, why do you think Japan is cool and why do you love it? Would like to hear from you guys.

Until then, see you 🙂

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  1. I don’t think japan is cool, i never think it does. It just… Japan simply just… blends into most of my life, from early childhood animes like Mazinger Z, Devilman to sentai shows like Bioman or Jetman, to today’s action figure hobby.

    So when people ask me why japan is cool i simply answered, it’s not, but it’s an integral part of who i am today.

    • I see, that’s a pretty good answer 🙂 Different people have different opinions but I can certainly agree with you that it does blend into our life mostly due to the influence of animes, figurines, videogames, etc. 🙂

      • I’m not saying japan is uncool though, I’m just saying that I’m seeing japan just like … japan? no particular tendencies to think they’re cool or bad or anything.

      • Yup, I got what you mean pal 🙂 Thanks for your opinion ^^

  2. true true! 😀 kawaii~

  3. I just admire Japan on how they became to be after all these years (heck! they even invaded my country!) It just gives me an inspiration that hardwork and some ecchi manga can always achieve something XD

  4. those are some badass sighs hahah. i mean they really are eye catching and relay the message clearly. Now… to tell our country to do the same lol.

  5. I like the warning sign sneaking around in the skirt.
    That’s awesome! Clacked me up.

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