Nice To Meet You All!

Greetings! We’re from Malaysia!!! 🙂 (To know more about us, check out our about page)

We love collecting anime figurines. As much as we like to collect, we also sell figurines to local people. These are some of the figmas we sold to hobbyist in the past.


The reason why collecting figurines is fun is because we see them as a kind of art, a very detailed kind of art. It’s simply beautiful. Each and every dolls has a different pose and design. If you love art, you’ll know what I mean 🙂

Anime figure collecting is a healthy hobby. It keeps you away from all sorts of negative activities because by the time you buy all kinds of anime figures, you’ll probably have no money left for beers and cigarettes. That’s why we always tell people it’s healthy 🙂

A true fan always feels that it is just to hard to resist buying a figurine of their favourite anime character. The reason is because these figurines are simply too cute.

Black Rock Shooters are always one of our favourites. So what are your favourites?


About figure culture

The mascot of Figure Culture, sharing with you anime figure-related stuff! More contents available here (^o^)

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